This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever made

Hejibits by John Kleckner [website | tumblr | facebook]

Puny comics gets instant reblog

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catching up with korra s3! can’t wait to see more of the villains this season >:)

Stunning P’li fan art!

Hell yeah!!

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Ame and Garnet’s sketches.


It’s voting time on WeLoveFine SU contest!

Crystal Gems!

Cheeseburger Backpack!


Even the tiniest rate is much appreciated! uwu

If you don’t fancy any of my designs, or Steven Universe in general -

Go to the site anyway!

There’s a LOT of cool artworks submitted so pick your favourites and rate them! 


Some Pearl doodles. Today was not a good day for drawing.

Lovely sketches!! They match the lithe Pearl very well!

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Tuesday Tips - FOLDS

More on folds today. I will eventually cover all types of folds but today is about simple folds on everyday clothes (t-shirt, jeans). The key is to know what to expect and then applying what you know to simplify what you see in front of you (when life drawing). A lot of the folds dynamics on shirts and jeans come from the “memory” of the fabric itself. Denim is thick and is likely to keep some form of wrinkles or folds around certain areas (knees). A lot of zig-zag patterns around the knee is very likely. When pushed down on the feet, the denim fabric will bunch up and combine with the zig-zag pattern. Shirts and t-shirts will react to the twist and pull of the arms and torso. Identify where the pull (or tension) is coming from and work from it. I tend to draw the seams because they clearly express the volumes underneath.


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you are making me lose control of my emotions and it is infuriating

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and suddenly from the ashes of the old world rises a familiar face. weird al has returned.


Here he comes.

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smoo told me to draw zutara week stuff so instead i drew some modern au gaang. sorry for my shitty handwriting.


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Palette-challenge. Mamoru + 1